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Oct 4, 2013

Temporary power for building construction

Consumers need not pay extension charges now

Electricity consumers who want a temporary power supply connection for construction purpose do not have to pay the extension charges now.
Following an amendment by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC), the State Government issued a notification on September 19 in this regard.
A separate tariff applicable to temporary supply of power for construction and for other temporary purposes was given in the Commission’s retail tariff Order dated June 20 this year.
However, following representations from consumers that applicants, especially those who take a connection for temporary purpose may find this difficult, the commission gave an amendment.
It proposed to segregate the temporary supply of electricity in two categories — temporary supply that can be converted into permanent supply as in the case of construction and supply for purely temporary purpose.
The TNERC said that if the temporary supply (such as construction of building) is to be converted into permanent supply after completion of the work, normal procedure to effect the supply to regular categories shall be followed and the consumer shall be charged under temporary supply tariff.
An undertaking shall be obtained from the consumer to the effect that the consumer will accept to convert the temporary supply into appropriate permanent category after completion of the construction work in accordance with the regulations in force and to pay the charges if any arising out of such conversion.
This amendment on getting temporary connection for construction purposes comes into effect from September 19.
And, consumers who have given applications from September 19 for temporary connection for construction purpose need not pay the extension charges or other charges applicable for temporary supply.
K. Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, has said in a press release that according to the amendment, normal procedure would be followed and consumers who take temporary connection for construction need not spend huge amount towards deposit, development and improvement charges.
The tariff order was issued on June 20 and the amendment to it comes into effect from September 19.
The commission has to clarify and give relief to consumers who have got connections till September 19 for construction purpose since they have already paid all charges applicable to temporary connection, such as service line charges, including extension, improvement, erection and dismantling charges, transport and overhead charges.
He said the Tangedco should take efforts to implement the new rules at the earliest so that consumers benefit from the amendment.
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