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Apr 29, 2014

RWE WM/CA Promotions Instructions

(Administrative Branch)
144, Anna Salai,
                                                                                              Chennai - 2.
Memo.No.  009507/42/G.46/G.462/2014-3,    dated.    29.04.2014.

Estt – RWE – filing up of vacant post of Wireman/Commercial Assistant by promotion from eligible Helpers – Instruction – Issued.

(Per) FB TANGEDCO Proceedings No. 4 (Adm.Br)

This office Memo No.009507/42/G46/G462/2014
 -1 dt. 07.02.2014.

This office Lr.No.009507/42/G46/G462/2014-1 dt.

Hon'ble HC/Madras order dt. 20.03.2014 in WP.4292/2014 and Mps.1,5,6&7

Secy/TANGEDCO Circular Memo No.31930/A9/A92
2014-1 dt.29.4.2014.

          Consequent to the  12 (3) settlement, on 09.01.2014,  in Per (FB)  TANGEDCO  Proceedings No.4 dt. 23.01.2014, instruction was issued  in this office memo dt. 07.02.2014 to fill up the vacancies of Wireman/Commercial Assistant.

          2) Based on the above, the BEEF has obtained stay against the memo dt.7.2.2014 in Honourable High Court order dt. 13.2.2014 in MP 4292/2014. Therefore all the Superintending Engineers of Distribution Circles were instructed vide this office Memo dt. 13.2.2014 not to proceed any promotion in RWE categories.

          3) The Hon'ble High Court/Madras has dismissed the WP 4292/2014 vide reference 4th cited.

          4) Therefore all the Superintending Engineers of Distribution Circles are informed that the orders issued in memo (3) cited is hereby withdrawn and requested to consider the promotion  as already instructed in the reference (2) and Secretary/TANGEDCO Circular Memo dt.29.04.2014 cited in reference (5).

          5) The receipt of this memo shall be acknowledged.

                                                             CHIEF ENGINEER/PERSONNEL

All Superintending Engineers concerned
 Copy to All Chief Engineers concerned
 Copy to Stock file.
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