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Feb 16, 2014

வீட்டு மின்இணைப்பு பயண்பாடு ஒரு விளக்கம் Low Tension Tariff 1-A ( ஆங்கிலத்தில்)

Low Tension Tariff 1-A 
i. This tariff is applicable to the following:
a) Domestic/Residential purposes of lights, fans, Air conditioners, radio/TVand all other home appliances.

b) Supply used in the house/residence/premises for the following purposewith a total connected load not exceeding 2 kW.
1. To provide lighting, water and other facilities to domestic animals/petsincluding chaff cutting, milking etc.

2. Watering for gardening including growing of trees in and around
residential houses/buildings.

c) Handlooms in residences of handloom weavers and handlooms in shedsregardless of use of outside labour and where energy is availed of only for lighting, fans and all other residential uses.

d) Public conveniences and Integrated woman sanitary Complexes.

e) Community Nutrition Centres, Anganwadi Centres and Nutritious Meal Centers.

f) Old Age Homes, Leprosy Centers and sub centres. Orphanages, Homes fordestitute run by Government/Local bodies/Charitable Institutions renderingtotally free services.

g) Consulting rooms of size limited to 200 square feet of any professionalsattached to the residence of such professionals. This facility is extendedexclusively to take advantage of using the residence by the professionals.

h) In respect of multi tenements/residential complexes supply used for commonlighting, water supply, lift and such other facilities provided only to theresidents alone may be given a separate connection and charged under thistariff. Only one service connection shall be given for the premises for all
common facilities.

i) In respect of multi tenements/multistory flats/residential complexes havingboth domestic and non-domestic utilities, common facilities such as commonlighting, common water supply, lift and such other facilities will be chargedunder this tariff only if the non-residential built up area does not exceed25% of the total built up area.

j) In multi tenements residential buildings/Group Houses the additional serviceconnections requested by the owners/tenants shall be given. If only a meter isrequired to effect the additional service connection, service line charges shallnot be collected.

k) Electric crematorium of local bodies.

l) Handicraft/Artisan works carried out by Potters, Goldsmiths etc. attached tothe residence, done predominantly by self or family members using aconnected load not exceeding 1 kW. This facility is extended exclusively totake advantage of utilizing the space in and around the residence andparticipation of family members in the small scale production.

m) Any additional lights, serial lights etc. used in the pandals/ shamiana and inthe premises of the existing domestic/ residential service connection of theconsumer for a period not exceeding one week at a time, with a connectedload not exceeding 3 kW for the family functions/occasions.
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