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Jan 5, 2013

Assessors appointed on contract basis by direct


Recruitment - Class III Service - Assessors appointed on contract basis by direct recruitment during the year 1982-83 - Counting of temporary service under contract period till 01.12.1983 for Pensionary benefits - Orders - Issued.

(Per.) (CMD) TANGEDCO Proceeding No. 1,     Dated  04.01.2013            
                                                                                    Marghazhi 20, Nandana  
                                                                             Thiruvalluvar Aandu 2044.
                                                                            Read :

                   1) B.P. MS (CH) No.637 (Adm.Branch) dated 01.12.1983.


                   During 1982, the TANGEDCO (erstwhile TNEB) introduced a new system for billing and collection of energy charges with effect from 01.01.1982 in order to render better service to lakhs of consumers in billing and collection of electricity consumption charges.  The new scheme for billing and collection of consumption charges was called as "Spot Billing Scheme".  One of the Unions representing the then Cashier Cadre (Now Assessor) had challenged the introduction of the new scheme in the Hon'ble High Court and obtained stay in-so-far as the members of the Union is concerned.  As a result, there was shortage of man-power to implement the scheme.  The Petitioner's Union also filed Writ Petition challenging the new scheme on the file of the Hon'ble High Court and obtained order of stay. In view of the above, regular appointment could not be made to fill up the shortage of man-power. Hence, SC/ST candidates sponsored by the Director of Employment Exchange and Training for selection to the post of Cashiers (Now Assessors) against the back-log vacancies, were all considered for temporary appointment on contract basis as supernumerary "Assessors" during the year 1982-83 in the time scale of pay to meet the short-fall in the man-power requirement for implementing the new scheme. These Assessors were initially appointed on contract basis for a period not exceeding six months (i.e.) upto 30.11.1982. Later, on the tenure of Employment was extended in piece-meal for 2-3 months on each occasion and finally upto 31.01.1984. Subsequently, in B.P.Ms. (CH) No.637, (Administrative Branch), dated 01.12.1983, orders were issued for the creation of a new category of "Assessors" to provide regular appointment to the above supernumerary Assessors working on contract basis with effect from 01.12.1983. Thus, the above contract period Assessors were regularly absorbed in Board's service with effect from 01.12.1983.



                   2) The services of those Assessors recruited during the year 1982-83 were not taken into account for the purpose of calculation of pension, since they have not completed minimum years of qualifying service for pension. In order to make them qualify for claiming pension, several request have been received from the employees unions to count the temporary service rendered by them while calculating the net qualifying service.

                   3) After careful examination of the request of the above employees/ unions, the Chairman Cum Managing Director/TANGEDCO has approved that the services rendered by the Assessors who were appointed to fill up the backlog vacancies for SC/ST during 1982-1983 under contract period till 01.12.1983 (i.e. The date of their absorption into regular service), be taken into account for calculating net qualifying service so as to sanction pensionary benefits alone.

                   4) All the Pension Sanctioning Authorities are requested to revise the pension and pensionary benefits in respect of the Assessors appointed during 1982-1983, duly counting the period of service rendered by them under Temporary   service   and   to   forward   the   revised   pension proposal to the Chief Internal Audit Officer/Board Office Audit Branch/Chennai for authorising the same without giving any room for complaints in this regard.

                   5) The receipt of these proceedings shall be acknowledged.



The All Superintending Engineers    
The All Chief Engineers

Copy to

The Chairman Cum Managing Director's table.
The Secretary/TANGEDCO/Chennai-2.
The Directors (Distribution/TANGEDCO/Chennai-2



The Member (Generation)/ TANGEDCO/Chennai-2
The Accounts (Member) /TANGEDCO/Chennai-2
The Company Secretary/TANGEDCO/Chennai-2
The Director/Finance/TANTRANSCO/Chennai-2
The Superintending Engineer/Chairman and Managing Director's Office.
All Chief Engineer/Distribution/Regions.
All the Superintending Engineer's.
The Senior Personnel Officer/Rectt./ Adm.Branch/Chennai.2
The Senior Personnel Officer/Labour/ Adm.Branch/Chennai.2
The Senior Personnel Officer/ Inspection/Adm.Br./Chennai.2
The Director/TANGEDCO Printing Press/Villivakkam/Chennai-49.
The Assistant Personnel Officer/Tamil Development/Chennai-2 for publication in TNEB Bulletin (2 Copies)
The Chief Internal Audit Officer/Audit Branch/Chennai-2
"A-10: Section/ Secretariat Branch/ Chennai.2
BP Section/Adm.Branch/Chennai-2 (2 Copies).
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