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Jan 23, 2014

Reduction of training period Mazdoor/Helper/Officer Helper Orders issued

Recruitment - Settlement under Section 12(3) of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947 - Reduction of training period in respect of Mazdoor/Helper/Officer Helper - Orders issued.
(Administrative Branch)

(Per ) (FB) TANGEDCO Proceedings No. 05                Dated :  23.01.2014

Thai.10, Vijaya Aandu
Thiruvalluvar Aandu – 2045
                                                                             READ :

(1) Permanent B.P. (F.B.) No.9 (Adm. Br.) dt.22.05.2000.
(2)(Per.) F.B. TANGEDCO Proceedings No.22 (Adm.Branch), dt.25.10.2012.
(3) 12(3) Settlement dated 09.01.2014 before the Commissioner of                                                                                   Labour / Govt. of Tamil Nadu.


                      In the (F.B.) B.P. under reference first cited, the dependants of the deceased employees of the Board/one member in each family displaced on account of acquisition of lands for major projects/ dependants of the Board employees who were invalidated on Medical grounds are appointed as Helper(Trainee)/Office Helper(Trainee) for specified training period of two years on consolidated wages and the above orders have been followed in respect of Direct Recruitment also.

                   2) Further in the reference (2) cited, orders have been issued for creation and absorption of 4273 posts of Mazdoor(Trainee) for a period of 3 years on consolidated wages.

                   3) Now, it has been agreed in the settlement dated 09.01.2014 reached between Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. and its workmen under Section 12(3) of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 that all the existing maximum training period of more than one year shall be reduced to one year and on completion of training period, the employees shall also be given the applicable time scale of pay (Pay Band and Grade Pay) for the said post.  The existing training period of less than one year for certain categories shall be continued.  This will take effect from the date of settlement.



                   4) Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that the training period in respect of Helper(Trainee)/Office Helper(Trainee)/Mazdoor(Trainee) be reduced to one year with effect from 09.01.2014 and on satisfactory completion of one year training period as on 09.01.2014, they will be absorbed in the regular post and in the regular time scale of pay.

                   5) This order shall take effect from 09.01.2014. 


All Chief Engineers.
All Superintending Engineers.
The Secretary / TANGEDCO / Chennai-2.
The Chief Financial Controller/General & Revenue/Accounts Branch/Chennai-2.
The Chief Internal Audit Officer/Audit Branch/Chennai-2.
The Residential Audit Officer/TANGEDCO/Chennai-2.                                 

Copy to:
The Chairman cum Managing Director's Table.
The Managing Director /TANTRANSCO. (Addl. Charge).
The Director General of Police/Vigilance.
The Legal Adviser.
The Industrial Relations Adviser/TANGEDCO.
All Deputy Secretaries/BOSB/Chennai-2.
The Deputy Chief Engineer/Administrative Branch.
All Senior Personnel Officers/Administrative Branch.
The Personnel Officer / Implementation/Administrative Branch.
The Personnel Officer / Court Case / Administrative Branch.
The Under secretary /Wage Revision Section/BOSB
B.P Section (2 copies)
The Assistant Personnel Officer/Tamil Development – for Publication
in the TNEB Bulletin (2 copies).
Tamil Nadu Electricity Workers' Federation.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Workers Progressive Union (LPF).
Central Organisation of Tamil Nadu Electricity Employees (COTEE).
Minsara Pirivu Anna Thozhir Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Minvariya Janatha Thozhilalar Sangam.
Tamil Nadu National Electricity Workers' Federation INTUC (2 Groups).
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers' Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Employees Congress.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Thozhilalar Aykiyya Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers' Association.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Finance & Accounts Officers Association.
Bharathiya Electricity Employees Federation.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Card Billing Staff Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Dr.Ambedkar Employees Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineer's Union.
All other signatory Unions.
Stock file.
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