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Jan 22, 2015

Fixation of pay excess payment made to the employees by reeoneous fixation Recovery Instructions

                                                                SECRETARIAT BRANCH,
                                                                144, ANNA SALAI,
                Memo (Per) No.585/A3/A31/2015-1, Dated: 13.01.2015

                Sub: TANGEDCO - Estatbilishment - Fixation of Pay - Excess
                        payment made to the employees by erroneous fixation -                         Recovery - Instructions – Issued

                Of late, it came to know that while fixing the pay as per the
     Wage Revision Settlement, Promotion, Appointment, Selection Grade
     and Special Grade etc., some erroneous fixation is being made by
     competent authorities inadvertently. Such fixations are pointed out by
     Audit after a lapse of more than five years or at the time of retirement
     of the employee. While taking action to implement the Audit Slip and
     to effect recovery, the employees are agitating and resort to legal
     remedies. The TANGEDCO has to face number of Court Cases. To
     avoid such unnecessary litigations, the following instructions are
     issued :-

i       While fixing pay to employees, utmost care should be
                taken        by the officials and wrong fixation should be

ii       A specific mention shall be made in all the Pay fixation
                proceedings, that if any payment made is found excess at
                a later date, it will be recovered from the employee.

iii      The Audit Branch shall conduct periodical inspection on
                the pay fixations made on Wage Revision, Promotion,
                Pay anomaly, Selection Grade / Special Grade etc., before
                expiry of 4 years from the date of such fixation and issue
                notice for recovery of excess pay if any found within the
                limitation period of five years.

iv      Conducting Audit of the Service Book of the employees at the
                verge of retirement by Audit Branch should be avoided and
                the instructions mentioned in Para- (iii) above shall be
                followed scrupulously.

           (BY ORDER OF THE CHAIRMAN CUM MANAGING DIRECTOR)                                                                       S.CHINNARAJULU

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