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Oct 1, 2016

Payment of ex-gratia to the Contract Labourers for the year 2015-2016 - Orders


Ex-gratia - Payment of ex-gratia to the Contract Labourers for the year       2015-2016 - Orders issued.
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(Administrative Branch)

(Per.) CMD TANGEDCO Proceedings No.113    Dated:  30.09.2016
Puratasi- 14, Sri Durmugi Aandu.
Thiruvalluvar Aandu-2047.


CE/Personnel Letter No.033965/66/G45/G451/2016-2, dated.26.07.2016.


The issue of payment of ex-gratia for the year 2015-2016 to the Contract Labourers have been considered and accordingly, the Honourable Chief Minister among others has announced the payment of ex-gratia to the Contract Labourers who are engaged directly in TANGEDCO for the year 2015-2016.

Accordingly, it has been decided that

The 14 Contract Labourers (Annexure - A) engaged directly by the Board (now TANGEDCO) on need basis @ Rs.250/-  per day based on the approval accorded by the committee constituted vide (Per) B.P.(CH) No.9, (Adm.Br) dated 09.01.2008 and also as per the orders issued from O/o Chief Engineer/Personnel and based on the Court orders and also as per list furnished by the Superintending Engineers as called for in this office letter cited under reference and are working for one year in 2015-2016 and also continuously till date without break in service (not exceeding 3 months) shall be paid ex-gratia for the year 2015-2016.

 (B) The 18 Number of persons (Annexure-B) who were directly engaged as Contract Labourers on need basis @ Rs.250/- per day without break in service (not exceeding 3 months) and subsequently absorbed into Board’s (now TANGEDCO) Service in various categories during/after March 2016 shall be paid ex-gratia for the year 2015-2016.

3) In pursuance of the above, it is hereby ordered that the persons mentioned in para (2) above shall be paid ex-gratia of Rs.4000/-(Rupees   Four Thousands only) for the year 2015-2016. The ex-gratia payment should be disbursed to all the above eligible Contract Labourers on   07.10.2016.

4) The Superintending Engineers are strictly informed that accountability will be fixed on the officers for non-compliance of these orders and in case the payment is made to any ineligible persons, responsibility will be fixed on the officers and disciplinary action will be initiated against the officers concerned. If any discrepancies are found regarding the eligibility/identity towards the payment of ex-gratia, the same must be got clarified from this office before payment to the concerned individual.

      5)  The Superintending Engineers are requested to disburse the    ex-gratia to the Contract Labourers as indicated in the Annexures to this Proceedings and the Superintending Engineers are requested to send the copy of the aquittance to this office.

6)  The receipt of this Proceedings shall be acknowledged.

(By Order of the Chairman -Cum-Managing Director/TANGEDCO)

Encl. : Annexure A & B.

                    CHIEF ENGINEER/PERSONNEL

All Chief Engineers concerned.
The Superintending Engineers of Distribution Circles Concerned.
The Superintending Engineer/Civil/HP/Erode.
The Superintending Engineer/ General Construction Circle/Salem.
The Chief Financial Controllers/General & Revenue.
The Chief Internal Audit Officer/Board Office Audit Branch/Chennai-2.
The Residential Audit Officer/TANGEDCO/Chennai-2.

Copy to:
The Chairman-cum-Managing Director's  Table.
The Secretary to Government/Energy Department/Chennai-9
The Secretary to Government/Finance Department/Chennai-9
The Director General of Police/Vigilance/Chennai-2.
The Managing Director/TANTRANSCO.
The Secretary/ TANGEDCO/ Chennai-2.
The Legal Advisor/Chennai-2.
The Chief Engineer/Personnel’s table.
The Industrial Relations Advisor/Chennai-2.

:: 3 ::

The Deputy Chief Engineer/Adm.Branch/Chennai-2.
All Deputy Secretaries/BOSB/Chennai-2.
The Senior Personnel Officer/Labour/Adm.Branch.
The Senior Personnel Officer/Recruitment/Adm.Branch.
The Senior Personnel Officer/Inspection/Adm.Branch.
The Asst. Legal Advisor/ TANGEDCO /Chennai-2.
The Personnel Officer/Court Cases/Adm.Branch/Chennai-2.
The Personnel Officer/Staff Sanction/Adm.Branch/Chennai-2.
The Personnel Officer/Implementation/Adm.Branch/Chennai-2.
The Asst. Personnel Officer/Labour/Adm.Branch/Chennai-2.
The Asst. Personnel Officer/Tamil Development/ Adm. Branch/ Chennai-2.
(for publication in TNEB Bulletin (2) copies)
The Section Officer/  A3  section/ BOSB/ Chennai.2 (3 copies)
G.44,  G.58, G.61, G.65 Sections/ Adm. Branch/ Chennai-2. (2 copies each)

Tamil Nadu Electricity Workers Federation.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Accounts and Executive Staff Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Workers Progressive Union (LPF).
Central Organization of Tamil Nadu Electricity Employees (C.I.T.U.).
Minsara Pirivu Anna Thozhil Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Janatha Thozhilalar Sangam.
Tamil Nadu National Electricity Workers Federation (INTUC) - 2 Groups.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Employees Congress (NLO)
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Thozhilalar Aykkia Sangam (HMS).
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers Association.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Finance and Accounts Officers Association.
 Bharathiya Electricity Employees Federation.
TNEB Card Billing Staff Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Dr.Ambedkar Employees Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers Union
Stock File.(3 copies)


                                                                                                                                                                        Sd/-*** dt.30.09.2016

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