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Oct 1, 2014

Assessor Gr II to Assessor Promotion -Preparation Panel Instruction order Issued


144, Anna Salai,
Chennai - 600 002.

Memo.No.065151/635/G26/G262/2014, dated 01.10.2014.

Estt. – Class IV Service – Assessor Grade II Promotion to the post of Assessor – preparation of panel – Instructions – Issued.

Per (FB) TANGEDCO Proceedings No.4, dated

                   I am to inform that the panel for promotion of Assessor Grade II to Assessor is to be prepared for the crucial date of 05.05.2014.  The Assessor Grade II employees who have completed 2 years of service in that post are eligible for promotion as per the orders issued under reference cited.

                   2)  Further, the name of Assessor Grade II who have been appointed during the year 2008 onwards and completed two years of service on the crucial date of 05.05.2014 are likely to come up for consideration for promotion to the post of Assessor.  Also, Assessors Grade II who were not selected in the previous panel due to Disciplinary Proceedings/ Undergoing punishment are also considered subject to their eligibility.

                   3)  Around 4159 Assessor Grade II are likely to come up for consideration for promotion to the post of Assessor.  In order to speed up and complete the process earlier, the CMD/TANGEDCO has ordered to conduct the Departmental Promotion Committee at the circle level itself.


The Assessor Grade II who have passed S.S.L.C i.e 10th Std (new pattern) or 11th Std (old pattern) alone are eligible for promotion.

The suitability report of the Assessor Grade II shall be called for immediately from the Executive Engineers under their control in the format enclosed and collected.

The Departmental Promotion Committee at circle level shall critically examine the suitability or otherwise of the individual with reference to the  instructions in the B.P. (FB) No.38 dated 11.10.2010.

- 2 –

The Departmental Promotion Committee shall prepare the suitability report (minutes) in Annexure I & II in quadruplicate.

The Superintending Engineer shall send two copies of the suitability report (minutes) to Chief Engineer/ Personnel along with a soft copy (in Excel worksheet format) and  One copy shall be sent to Chief Engineer/ Distribution.


Last date for receipt of suitability report from Executive Engineer/ O&M at the circle office.

Last date for finalization by Departmental Promotion Committee at circle level.

Last date for receipt of the report at Chief Engineer/ Personnel office

                        4)  Hence, the Superintending Engineers are requested to take all efforts and send the report within the stipulated time.

Chief Engineer/ Personnel


All Superintending Engineers/ Distribution Circles

Copy to all the Chief Engineer/Distribution/
          It is requested to ensure that the above schedule is kept up by the Superintending Engineers/ EDC.


- 3 -


Name of the Assessor Grade II

Date of Birth & Date of Retirement

Date of joining as Assessor Grade II

Date of absorption as Mazdoor from C.L. and name of the circle from which they were absorbed



Date of Completion of 2 years in the post of Assessor Grade II

Academic Qualification of the Assessor Grade II.

(a)  Specify Minimum General Educational Qualification S.S.L.C i.e 10th Standard Passed (new pattern) or
11th Standard Passed (Old Pattern)

(b) Whether the Assessor Grade II has acquired adequate knowledge in Tamil by passing the language test conducted by the Govt. OR by passing the SSLC with Tamil language as one of the subject




Whether charges have been already framed on the crucial date.

(Yes or No to be mentioned)


                                                                                               - 4 –                      

Whether any criminal case is pending and the present stage.

(Yes or No to be mentioned)


Whether the Assessor Grade II is involved in any D.P./Undergoing Punishment on the crucial date of 05.05.2014 and if so, the copies of charges memo and copy of final orders may be furnished 4 copies (enclosing copy of charge memo.)

To indicate the charges framed against the individual is Major/ Minor one.


Punishment awarded is Major or Minor punishment.


Date of Commencement of punishment


Date of Completion of punishment

Whether any Vigilance enquiry is pending, if so to furnish the details with reference


Whether the Assessor Grade II is suitable for promotion

(Note: This should be written personally by the EE/O&M)


          I Certify that the above particulars are correct.

                                                                            Executive Engineer/O&M

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