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இந்த செய்திகள் எல்லாம் பல்வேறு மின் இணையதில் இருந்து சேகரிக்கபட்டு இருக்கிறது. நோக்கம், இந்த செய்திகள் எல்லாம் எல்லா மக்களையும் சென்றடைய வேண்டும். இந்த மின் இணையதில் பிறர் கருத்துகள் இடம் பெற்று காயபடுதுவதாக அல்லது தனிப்பட்ட கருத்தாக இருந்தால் சொல்லிவிடுங்கள் நீக்கி விடலாம். மேலும் இத்தளத்தில் உள்ள தகவல்களுக்கு உண்மை தண்மை கூற இயலாது இத்தகவல் மின்வாரியத்தில் பணியாற்றும் ஊழியர்களுக்கும் பொதுமக்களுக்கும் பயன்படும் நோக்கில் வெளியிடப்படுகிறது

தங்கள் பகுதியில் நடைபெறும் வாரியம் தொடர்பான தகவல்களை எனது ஈமெயிலுக்கு அனுப்பினால் இந்த வலை தளத்தில் வெளியிடப்படும் அதன்முலம் அனைவரும் பயனடைவர்
நேரடி நியமனம் தொடா்பான தங்கள் சந்தேகங்களை இந்த முகநுால் குழுவில் இணைந்து தெரிவிக்கவும்.
TNEB Recruitment 2015-16

Oct 31, 2014

A.E./Electrical, J.E./ Electrical I Grade and C.H.D. – Selected for promotion as A.E.E./Electrical – Allotment


Er.N.Krishnamoorthi, B.E.,
Chief Engineer/Personnel,          
144, Anna Salai,                                                      
Chennai-600 002.                        

All the Chief Engineers,

Letter No.095087/G.11/G.111/2014-1, dated 30.10.2014.

Sub :-  Establishment - Class II Service – A.E./Electrical, J.E./
                             Electrical I Grade and C.H.D. – Selected for promotion
                             as A.E.E./Electrical – Allotment – Orders issued.

                             Ref :-            Memo.No.71223/495/G.1/G.11/2013-65, dt.17.10.2014.


                   The list of Assistant Engineers/Electrical, Junior Engineers/Electrical I Grade and one Chief Head Draughtsman who have been selected for appointment as Assistant Executive Engineer/ Electrical on promotion in the reference cited, are allotted as detailed in Annexure for issue of appointment cum promotion order to the individuals.
                  2. Under powers delegated in B.P.Ms.No.61 (F.B.) (Sectt. Branch) dated 01.08.1988, the concerned authorities are requested to issue necessary appointment orders as Assistant Executive Engineer on promotion under Regulation 106 of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Service Regulations and posting to the above promotees, to the circle as allotted under intimation to this office.

                  3. In this connection, I also invite reference to B.P.Ms.(FB)  No.45 (Adm.Branch) dated 5.9.1988 wherein clear instructions have been issued regarding posting of personnel in the Central Offices.
                  4. I also request you to incorporate the following clause in the appointment and posting orders to the above promotees :-

“The appointment is subject to the outcome of W.P.Nos.22607/2011,18070/2012 19270/2012, 14842/2013, 15360/2013 and 20763/2013 and W.A.No.1375/2013 pending in the Hon’ble High Court of Madras.

The promotees concerned should join duty at the place posted within 2 weeks from the date of issue of this order and no modification of postings will be entertained.

If he/she fails to assume charges within 2 weeks of relief from the present station, promotion orders will be cancelled.


                   5.  I also invite your attention to this Branch Letter No.113304/EA/A1/ 93-1 dated 22.11.1993 and issue suitable instructions to the Officers concerned to relieve the officials within 2 weeks from the date of issue of appointment and posting orders without waiting for joining of substitute and if any of the Officer do not relieve, necessary action may be taken against them/ him for not relieving promotees promptly as instructed in Memo. dated 22.11.93,  I also invite your attention to the instructions in para (3) of  Memo.No.117072/ Adm.Branch/ E1-3/ 97-1, dated 01.10.1997 and act accordingly.

                   6. As per Memo.No.089728/1069/G.15/G.151/2008-1, dated 29.08.2008, the Chief Engineers and Superintending Engineers of the Board are hereby informed that necessary instructions have already been issued in the Memo.No.95745/C1-1/1994-1 (Adm.Branch) dated 05.09.1994 for strict adherence for relieving/joining duty of the officials on his promotion. Inspite of said instructions, many officers in Class II Services has not joined duty in the respective office on promotion. Therefore, the Chairman has instructed that all the Officers concerned should relieve the promotees within 15 days from the date of receipt of order, failing which the Officers concerned will be held responsible.

                    7. The Superintending Engineers concerned should arrange to relieve the promotees immediately, even if there are vacancies in his circle.  If the individual applies for Medical Leave, the matter should be referred to the Medical Board. If the individual applies any other leave, the same should be refused. If the individual applies for the Medical Leave, the fact may be intimated to this office so that the promotion order will be cancelled and allotment will be given after exhausting all the persons in the present panel.

                   8. I also request you to cancel the appointment and posting orders of the promotees due to non-joining duty in the place posted within 2 weeks from the date of relief and the fact intimated to this Branch for taking further necessary action. I also request that the above may be closely watched and action taken.

                  9.  The Promotees who do not adhere to the time frame indicated for joining will be proceeded under Rule 8(a) of D&A Regulation as per Chairman Memo.No.100855/ 515/G42/G421/2002-1 dated 30.8.2002.

                   10.  The Superintending Engineers concerned are requested to issue the promotion order to the individuals only if they are free from D.P./Undergoing punishment/ Vigilance remarks.



                   11.The following Sl.Nos.1,1,2,5,6,7,10,11,12,13,16,17,19,20,22,23,24, 28,29,30,31,32,34,35,36,37,38,39,41,45,49,50,51,55,58,60,62,63,65,68,70,71 and 72 are not eligible for Transfer Travelling Allowances.

                   *12. The promotion of Thiru S.Mathew, Assistant Engineer/Electrical/ Dindigul E.D.C. is subject to the outcome of W.P.No.18065/2013.

              Yours faithfully,
                                                                           (S.AMUDHA)                                                                          Assistant Personnel Officer/Electrical
                                                                    for Chief Engineer/ Personnel

Copy to all the Superintending Engineers / TANGEDCO & TANTRANSCO.
Copy to the Personnel Officer/Panel/Adm.Branch.
Copy to G.1, G.11(2), G.13 and G.18 Sections in Adm. Branch / Chennai-2.
Copy to Stock File.                       

ANNEXURE TO LETTER No.095087/G.11/G.111/2014-1, dated 30.10.2014    
Sl.No. Name DOB Design Present Circle Allotted Circle
1 Mani.S 5/14/1957 CHD Chennai Dev.Circle  Chennai Development Circle/ TANGEDCO (Upgraded post vide B.P.No.90, dated 07.06.2014)
1 Kanagaraj.R.N 5/28/1968 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South Chennai E.D.C./South
2 Ramalingam.S.V 4/30/1974 AE/Elecl NCTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
3 Balasubramanian.M 5/18/1962 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South Headquarters (O/o.C.E./M.M.)
4 Andavar.P 3/10/1966 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Theni EDC M.T.P.S.-II
5 Mathew.S 4/29/1969 AE/Elecl Dindigul EDC Headquarters (O/o.C.E./M.M.) *
6 Suresh.K 2/10/1966 AE/Elecl Generation/ Erode Generation Circle/Erode
7 Sreenivasan.P 1/6/1967 AE/Elecl Tirupathur EDC Krishnagiri E.D.C.
8 Balasubramani.V 10/23/1961 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Dindigul EDC N.C.T.P.S.-II
9 Kannan.S 5/20/1966 AE/Elecl Madurai EDC P&C/Madurai
10 Babu.D 4/7/1974 AE/Elecl Generation/ Kadamparai N.C.E.S./Udumalpet (230 KV SS/ Ponnapuram)
11 Gopinath.S 10/26/1975 AE/Elecl ETPS Chengalpet E.D.C.
12 Munian.P 5/31/1961 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Pudukottai EDC Karur E.D.C.
13 Srinivasan.T 5/20/1963 AE/Elecl Thanjavur EDC K.G.T.P.S.
14 Sathyanarayanan.N 3/19/1966 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South M.T.P.S.-II
15 Elavarasan.B 6/20/1963 AE/Elecl Pudukottai EDC Nagai E.D.C.
16 Sirajuddin.I 1/12/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Udumalpet EDC Udumalpet E.D.C.
17 Singaravelu.T 3/23/1964 AE/Elecl Cuddalore EDC G.C.C./Trichy
18 Lakshmanan.B 7/8/1965 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC N.C.E.S./Tirunelveli
19 Ponnusamy.K.T 3/2/1965 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC Udumalpet E.D.C. (Shift/230 KVSS/ Udumalpet)
20 Jalakandeswaran.B 5/10/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Vellore EDC Vellore E.D.C.
21 Krishnan.N 3/13/1961 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/Metro Generation Circle/Kundah
22 Nirmalarenu.C 2/10/1966 AE/Elecl Generation/ Erode Generation Circle/Erode
23 Annadurai.G 7/12/1968 AE/Elecl Thiruvannamalai EDC Tiruvannamalai E.D.C. (O&M/Pachal)
24 Balajisundar.V 12/4/1956 JE/Elecl. I.Gr BBGTPS N.C.T.P.S.-II
25 Subramaniam.M 4/5/1960 AE/Elecl Mettur EDC M.T.P.S.-II
26 Ayyasamy.L 4/7/1966 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/South Generation Circle/Kundah
27 Durai Pazham.R 5/7/1961 AE/Elecl TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-II
28 Sornamoorthy.R 6/10/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Ramnad EDC Ramnad E.D.C.
29 Yuvaraj.P.T 4/29/1963 AE/Elecl Salem EDC Kallakurichi E.D.C.
30 Sureshkumar.P 3/10/1964 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC Tirunelveli E.D.C.
31 Rajeswari.T 6/12/1966 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC Tirunelveli E.D.C.
32 Manivannan.A 11/6/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr ETPS E.T.P.S.
33 Balasubramanian.S 6/18/1957 AE/Elecl Erode EDC M.T.P.S.-II
34 Murugan.S 4/20/1963 AE/Elecl NCTPS O/o.G.M./HRD (TTI /N.C.T.P.S.) (Upgraded post vide B.P.No.164, dated 23.10.2014)
35 Sureshbabu.G 5/13/1966 AE/Elecl Vellore EDC Vellore E.D.C. (Shift/400 KVSS/ Thiruvalam)
36 Durairaj.R 4/22/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr TTPS P&C/Madurai (Tuticorin)
37 Venkatesan.K.R 5/31/1967 AE/Elecl Dindigul EDC Karur E.D.C. (230 KV SS/Pugalur)
38 Natarajan.K 5/3/1965 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC Tirunelveli E.D.C.
39 Ilangovan. C 5/29/1965 AE/Elecl NCES/Tirunelveli N.C.T.P.S.-II
40 Velkumar.K 1/3/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Trichy EDC/Metro Nagai E.D.C.
41 Babu.V 3/6/1965 AE/Elecl Vellore EDC Vellore E.D.C.
42 Manian.V 5/10/1965 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC Headquarters (O/o.C.E./I.T.)
43 Rajagopal.S 5/20/1965 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC Generation Circle/Kadamparai
44 Mohandoss.E 4/23/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Trichy EDC/Metro Nagai E.D.C.
45 Sujatha.N 5/11/1966 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/Central Headquarters (O/o.C.E./Hydro)
46 Ulaganathan. I 5/11/1967 AE/Elecl TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-II
47 Ravichandran.R 4/24/1965 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/Metro Generation Circle/Kundah
48 Selvam.N 2/13/1965 JE/Elecl. I.Gr TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
49 Anbu.K.A 7/30/1965 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South Chengalpet E.D.C.
50 Bakthavatchalu.A 6/3/1966 AE/Elecl Villupuram EDC Villupuram E.D.C.
51 Gopalakrishnan.P 10/20/1966 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South Kancheepuram E.D.C. (Rural/South)
52 Punniyasekaran.P 11/2/1963 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Tuticorin EDC N.C.T.P.S.-I
53 Balasubramanian.K 5/22/1967 AE/Elecl Virudhunagar EDC Headquarters (O/o.C.E./M.M.)
54 Ilango.S 6/16/1962 AE/Elecl GCC/Madurai Generation Circle/Kadamparai
55 Kalasamy.G 6/8/1967 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC N.C.E.S./Tirunelveli
56 Raju.S 3/5/1964 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Salem EDC Salem E.D.C.
57 Ramaraj.M 7/11/1966 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC Headquarters (O/o.C.E./PPP)
58 Selvaraj.M 4/15/1964 AE/Elecl Chengalpattu EDC Chengalpet E.D.C.
59 Udumanali.K 1/17/1965 AE/Elecl Sivaganga EDC N.C.T.P.S.-I
60 Shanmugasundaram.S 4/23/1964 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Tuticorin EDC Tuticorin E.D.C. (C&I/Tuticorin)
61 Solaiyan.A 5/20/1960 AE/Elecl Sivaganga EDC Headquarters (O/o.G.M./HRD)
62 Jeyakumar.D 6/1/1967 AE/Elecl Tuticorin EDC Tirunelveli E.D.C. (Mtce./230 KV SS/ Kayathar)
63 Chandrasekaran.C 9/23/1965 AE/Elecl Thiruvannamalai EDC Tiruvannamalai E.D.C. (O&M/Kalasapakkam)
64 Ravindaran.K 5/15/1961 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Madurai EDC/Metro N.C.T.P.S.-I
65 Charles Kennedy.R 7/27/1964 AE/Elecl Tuticorin EDC Tuticorin E.D.C. (230 KV SS/Meelavittan)
66 Thirupathy.N 5/25/1965 AE/Elecl TTPS M.T.P.S.-II
67 Babu.S 5/7/1965 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South O/o.C.E./D/Chennai Region/South
68 Rangasamy.M 9/5/1964 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Kallakurichi EDC Kallakurichi E.D.C.
69 Jothilakshmi.S 5/10/1978 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South Headquarters (O/o.C.E./Transmission)
70 Ashok Kumar.R 4/12/1978 AE/Elecl Ramnad EDC Ramnad E.D.C. (A.E.E./R-APDRP)
71 Nalini.M.D 12/2/1975 AE/Elecl Krishnagiri EDC Krishnagiri E.D.C.
72 Poshadri.V 10/21/1956 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Tirupathur EDC Thirupathur E.D.C.
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