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Aug 18, 2014

Superintending Engineer/Mechanical – Promotion and Posting - Orders


Establishment  - Class I Service  -   Superintending Engineer/Mechanical – Promotion and Posting  - Orders - Issued.

(Per.) CMD TANGEDCO Proceedings No.230                      Dated the  18th August 2014                                                                                                                          Aavani 2,  Srijaya  
                                                                                    Thiruvalluvar Aandu-2045


(Per.) CMD TANGEDCO Proceedings No. 227 (SB) dated 16.08.2014



          Under regulation 92 of the Tamil Nadu Electricity  Board Service  Regulations read with the Tamil Nadu Electricity (Re-organisation and Reforms) Transfer Scheme, 2010, Thiru K.Krishnan, Executive Engineer/Mechanical/North Chennai Thermal Power Station Stage-II (2X600 MW),  is regularly promoted and appointed  as Superintending Engineer/Mechanical in Division-V,  Category-1, Class-I of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited Service with  effect from the date of assumption of charge.

      2. Thiru K.Krishnan, Executive Engineer/Mechanical/North Chennai Thermal Power Station Stage –II (2X600 MW), on promotion is posted as  Superintending Engineer/ Mechanical-II/O&M/North Chennai Thermal Power Station Stage-II (2X600 MW), in the existing vacancy.

      3.  The  Superintending Engineer/Purchase and Administration/North Chennai Thermal Power Station,  is  directed   to relieve  the  official  under orders of  promotion  and  posting, immediately,  by  making local arrangement  without  waiting  for substitute and instruct him to join at the new post before expiry of joining time.  A report should be sent to the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited   regarding the  date  of relief and date of joining of the  official.   This will be apart from the Certificate of Transfer of Charge.

      4.  The  Superintending Engineer/Purchase and Administration/North Chennai Thermal Power Station, is  also directed to ensure that whether, any disciplinary proceeding is pending/charges framed/punishment awarded, if any, against the official mentioned in para-1 above, before serving the promotion order.  If so, necessary clarification may be obtained from the Secretary before serving the said promotion order to the official concerned.

      5.  An  option  format is enclosed  herewith.  The  official mentioned  in  para-1  above is requested to  return  the  option format  duly  filled  in  within one month from
the date of promotion and  assumption of charge.  If the option format is not  received within   the   said  period of one month, his pay in  the  higher post   will   be  fixed  as  specified  in  para-3   of   Board's Memo.No.75406/P1/ 90-1, dated 19.3.1991.


                                                                                      SECRETARY (In-charge)

 Thiru K. KRISHNAN, Executive Engineer/Mechanical/NCTPS STAGE-II  (2x600 MW)
 Through:- The Superintending Engineer/P&A/NCTPS

Copy to:-
The Director/Generation/TANGEDCO/Chennai            
The Director (Distribution)/TANGEDCO/Chennai
The Director General of Police/Vigilance/Chennai
The Legal Adviser/TANGEDCO/Chennai,
The Managing Director/TANTRANSCO/Chennai
The Director/Projects/TANGEDCO/Chennai                            
The Director/Transmission Projects/TANTRANSCO/Chennai
The Director/Operation/TANTRANSCO/Chennai,
The Director/Finance/TANGEDCO/Chennai.
The Director/Finance/TANTRANSCO/Chennai.
The Chief Financial Controller/General/TANGEDCO/Chennai
The Chief Financial Controller/TANTRANSCO/Chennai.
The Chief Financial Controller/Revenue/TANGEDCO/Chennai
The Chief Financial Controller/Regulatory Cell/TANGEDCO/Chennai
The Superintending Engineer/P&A/NCTPS
The Superintending Engineer/NCTPS Stage-II (2X600 MW)
The General Manager/Human Resource Development/Chennai.
The Superintending Engineer/Computer Centre/Chennai 
The Chief Internal Audit Officer
The Deputy Secretary/Personnel/Administration/TANTRANSCO/SB
The Chief Public Relations Officer.                     
The Under Secretary/Services/Secretariat Branch                   
The Under Secretary/General/Secretariat Branch                   
The Executive Assistant to Chairman cum Managing Director/TANGEDCO
The Private Secretary to Chairman Cum Managing Director/Secretary
Administrative Branch/Computer Centre/Vigilance Cell.
A2, A5, A15, A16, A20, A22, A23 and A25 Sections/Secretariat Branch

                                                                             SECTION OFFICER
Thanks To TNEBEA
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