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Jul 16, 2013

TNERC grants time on meters

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) has granted extension till March next year for the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corpo­ration Ltd (Tangedco) to fix individual meters in agricultural and hut services. 
TNERC directed Tangedco that had cited the huge capital expenditure involved in metering the un-metered agricultural and hut service while seeking extension of time by 25 months from October 1, 2012 to carry out sample study to arrive at the transmission and distribution (T and D) loss. 
In its order dated July 11, TNERC said that on one ha­nd Tangedco has projected huge cost involved in installation of meters to the ex­tent of Rs 1,525 crore and on ot­her hand indicates ac­cu­mulated loss of Rs 54,495 crore. 
Tangedco said the exercise would involve metering about 18.02 lakh agricultural service and 11.48 lakh huts. Tangedco approached the state government seeking policy direction on whether to go for individual meters of services or to fix me­ters in small capacity DT. However, the commissi­on did not receive any communication from the government or the corporation. 
During the hearing, Tangedco’s chief engineer of planning wing said that cent per cent meters in feeders would be completed by March 2013 while, as far as metering of DTs are concerned, those covered under RAPDRP would be provided with the automated meter reading facilities. 
TNERC, in its order, made it clear that the first and foremost, it was concerned about establishing the T and D loss number. It said that by proper measurement of feeder wise and DT wise supplies made to consumers, the losses in the individual feeders might have to be estimated by a sample study of adequate number of samples. “By this process the actual T and D losses could be estimated somewhat accurately,” it directed.
Referring to the earlier order on a suo motto petition moved by it on non-compliance to its directives on accurate estimation of T and D loss, TNERC, in its or­der, directed that the information should be furnished as directed in its previous order (Data should be submitted once in two mo­nths starting from October 2013).
Hence, it said that ti­me limit is extended partly upto March next year instead of 25 months. 

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